The story of our Surprises


For over 40 years, our safe, high quality, innovative KINDER® products have contributed to the happy growth of children of all ages, generating moments of intense emotion every day. From first idea to finished product, KINDER® toys are developed with continuous input from parents around the world.

The Kinder Surprise Company (KSC) is dedicated to all Kinder eggs and seasonals. Each surprise toy they produce is created, studied and tested with the utmost care by a dedicated team, involving child psychologists and safety specialists. This team works in line with four principles:

• Improving the child’s ability: to encourage the development of certain specific attitudes in children.

• Variety: to develop new ways of playing, aimed at stimulating holistic growth in children.

• A 360° experience: encompassing fun, educational value and the option of playing on a digital platform.

• Universality delighting children around the world, regardless of culture, gender or age.

  • RED

    A world of races and speed: let the games begin!


    Discovering the world of nature and animals, and learning to be kind and gentle.


    Self and creativity expression in original and ever-changing ways; small tools to help discover the artist in every child.


    Toys designed for girls: a magical, soft and colourful world where imagination can run wild.

  • BLUE

    Fun in movement: the most active and fun toys for running around and playing, at home or in outdoors, alone or with friends.