Good relations for good products.


Since 2011 the Ferrero Group has been implementing the ABCDE Plan (A Business Code Dialogue Engagement), aimed at sharing the Group's Code of Business Conduct with all stakeholders in the value chain. The code is based on the Ferrero principles, it complies with the Group's Code of Ethics and defines Ferrero practices in the following areas:

1. excellent product quality and safety;
2. commitment to protecting human rights;
3. environmental protection and sustainability;
4. guaranteeing standards in the workplace environment;
5. business integrity.

In 2013, the goal of sharing Ferrero's Code of Business Conduct with the entire value chain was achieved.

The Ferrero Group hasn't stopped at merely reaching its objective. In particular, the Group has developed the Ferrero Farming Values protocol for the field production of hazelnuts, developed in partnership with SCS Global Services, which provides the verification audits of Ferrero's supply chain.

Since December 2013, Ferrero has been part of the Supply Chain Initiative, promoting the implementation of the Principles of Good Practices in Vertical Relations in the Food Supply Chain.

The Supply Chain Initiative was jointly launched by seven European associations with the aim of increasing fairness in trade relations throughout the entire food supply chain. 

In January 2017, the promoters of the Supply Chain Initiative submitted the second annual report, that provides an overview of progress and achievements in the Supply Chain Initiative since its launch in September 2013. 
Since joining the Supply Chain Initiative, Ferrero has not lodged any complaints, nor have any been lodged against it.


Ferrero’s commitment to the respect of human rights, together with our Company values, constitutes the basis of our approach to business, through policies and our everyday activity.

We confirm our strong determination to contribute to the elimination of all forms of modern slavery, human trafficking, forced or compulsory and, prison labor, as well as child labor, starting from its worst forms.

We already strongly promote respect for human rights and have zero tolerance for any form of human rights abuse along our value chain. We furthermore adhere to the Ten Principles of the United Nations Global Compact and to the United Nation Guiding Principles of Business and Human Rights.


Responsible Sourcing

We have a wide range of direct and indirect suppliers from small-scale producers to multinational businesses, including both critical suppliers that provide ingredients and packaging materials to our products, and indirect suppliers that provide services to support our operations. We acknowledge that our sourcing activities not only contribute to impact on workers, but also present opportunities to support local communities.

Sustainable Agriculture

In the agricultural sector, migrant workers, women, and children often are exposed to hazardous conditions and are vulnerable to poor labor practices such as forced labor, human trafficking, and child labor. As a relevant stakeholder in the supply chain, Ferrero is committed to address human rights issues and advance the promotion of human rights along our agricultural supply chain, reaching out all the way to our farmers.