Ferrero Canada Ltd. was established in 1974 in Toronto, where the commercial division headquarters remain today.
In Canada, Ferrero has grown progressively to become the 5th largest confectioner in Canada and operate in a complex, multi-channel trade environment and in an ethnically diverse and sophisticated country.
The Company is without a doubt one of the most multi-cultural Ferrero companies in the world, as evidenced by the number of nationalities (44) and number of languages spoken (more than 30) by employees in both divisions.


Diverse, dynamic and international best describes the environment in which Ferrero Canada Ltd. will celebrate its 40th anniversary in 2014. Ferrero Canada’s Commercial operation has undergone an evolution over the last two decades, from “distributor” to “marketer”: from a focus on building distribution to creating an integrated sales and marketing organization with the appropriate support functions.


Ferrero Canada’s Industrial Division is fully committed to producing the high-quality, added-value confections demanded by the Group.
Towards this end, it:

  • invests in the development of all employees in recognition that individuals are Ferrero’s most valued asset;
  • seeks continuous quality improvements;
  • complies with the requirements of Good Manufacturing Practices and the HACCP rules;
  • establishes the highest quality standards to meet the Group’s exceptionally strict quality guidelines, from raw ingredients through finished production;
  • invests in the development of technology and machinery for continuous improvement, higher flexibility to meet changing market demands, and ongoing advancement in the confectionery sector;
  • ensures a secure work environment and safe workplace for all its employees.


Transport and Logistics for Ferrero Canada poses a real challenge because of its size. Geographically Canada is the second largest country in the world, following Russia, and it encompasses over 3.58 million square miles. Given this, the core focus on Logistics sustainability efforts has been to increase the number of rail shipments in FY 2012/2013 increased by 3% versus FY 2011/2012 thereby realizing a marginal reduction of CO2 emissions compared to road transport.

Also for that, Ferrero Canada believes in creating a sustainable local business community and towards that goal, tries to source as much as possible from local suppliers.


Ferrero Canada strongly believes in the importance of work-life balance, which hinges on two key concepts: achievement and enjoyment. The Company provides and supports an environment which allows its employees to take pride in their achievements with the satisfaction of knowing that they are rewarded both physically with competitive pay and benefits, but also emotionally with celebration of major achievements.