"I personally pledge to dedicate everything I do and all my intentions to our company, so that it may continue, guided by the example given by my father and my uncle, its journey thus far, while assuring you that I will only feel satisfied once I am able, with concrete facts, to ensure you and your children a safe and peaceful future"

October 1957, Michele Ferrero from a letter to the staff, at the time when he took the helm of the company.


The '60s
Ferrero Bus for the transportation of employees from the countryside to the plant: the service has allowed many farmers to secure employment in the company while continuing to ensure, at the same time, their presence in the countryside.


The year 2012
Ferrero Social Enterprise in India (Baramati): the last stages of Tic Tac® production. The Ferrero Social Enterprises combine the entrepreneurial spirit with a “Social” one: they offer employment to those who live in some of the less favored areas of emerging countries, while bringing dignity, opportunity and vocational training. They create a work culture, a source of economic progress and a platform for social development.


The year 2020
Implementation of a global energy action plan that meets the current needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.