People are our
biggest value


As of 31st August 2017, the Ferrero Group was comprised of 34,543 employees from 123 nationalities.
In addition, there are 11 employees from Piera, Pietro and Giovanni Foundation, and 7,171 external people working with companies of the Group. This brings our total number of people to 41,725.


Compared to the previous year, a higher percentage of women occupy senior management roles.


Group workforce by age and gender as of 31/08/2017




The safeguard of health and safety in the workplace is a central value to the Ferrero system. Consequently, the group endeavours to safeguard the health and safety of its employees, contractors, visitors and any other person within its sphere of influence.

Ferrero recognises the importance of encouraging and supporting a solid and effective safety culture as a prerequisite for improving its performance. For this reason, special attention is paid to engagement and awareness-raising activities. In addition, Ferrero encourages safe and healthy behavior even in private life, at home and during free time.

The activities carried out under Ferrero's control must comply with all the requirements laid down by applicable laws in the countries in which it operates, as well as the more restrictive ones defined or adopted by the Group. The identification of constraints, the assessment and control of risks are taken into consideration during the very initial design of the plants, in the processes as well as in the work environment, and they are constantly updated.



Learning is part of our DNA. As a growing, developing and changing company, we support the growth and development of our people. At a global and local level our employees have access to online and live learning experiences. From the time employees join us through to retirement, there are many options for them to grow and develop in a bespoke way through Ferrero University. It has evolved to comprise three pillars:

• Welcome to Ferrero: Starting the learning journey.
• Ferrero Know-How Academies: Building technical skills.
• Ferrero Leaders: Becoming a leader.


Looking further ahead, we will maintain our commitment to:

• Attract, retain and motivate our talented employees around the globe, consistently and holistically.

• Provide fair and competitive, well-balanced tangible and intangible rewards, in all markets, considering local or regulatory needs and requirements and opportunities.

• Ensure an inspiring and motivating work environment, in which highly committed employees contribute to sustainable business growth and results.

• Improve and expand Ferrero Know-How Academies in order to strengthen and develop the professionalism of employees who protect and manage corporate knowledge and business assets.

• Further develop job placement projects that are already in place to attract young workers.

• Extend voluntary initiatives regarding workplace health and safety aimed at bolstering a culture of health and safety and increasing employee participation.

• Enhance our integrity and ethics strategy, including a review of the Ethics code.

• Start a digital transformation to improve business processes and ways of working.