Giving value to brands to share with consumers.


The Ferrero Group translates its passion into creating distinctive products for its consumers, whose satisfaction is our main and primary objective. With this is mind, we commit to searching for the highest quality, unconditionally and without compromises, whilst investing in our Brands in the long term.


    • Freshness and quality
    • Sustainable and ethical sourcing
    • Animal welfare
    • Traceability and safety
    • Assessment and monitoring of raw material suppliers
    • Code of Business Conduct


    • Quality and food safety certification
    • Environmental respect and energy self-production
    • Optimization of natural resources and waste recovery
    • Employee safety
    • The 5R of packaging: Removal, Reduction, Recycle, Reuse, and Renewability


    • Integrated and eco-sustainable logistics
    • Mileage optimization
    • Energy saving systems in Ferrero warehouses


    • Great Brands in small portions, individually wrapped
    • Transparent nutritional information
    • Freshness: product suspension or withdrawal from sale during summer


    • Responsible advertising & communication
    • Instructions for proper packaging waste disposal
    • Products with surprise toys: the values of playing and safety


    • Continuous innovation
    • Products for all occasions
    • Products conceived for children
    • Small portions
    • No use of hydrogenated vegetable oils and fats
    • Unique taste with each product


These products are of high quality and can be integrated into a varied diet and an active healthy lifestyle. A healthy and balance diet is the basis for human well-being. One of our corporate goals is to help our consumers make correct food choices and encourage them to adopt a varied and balanced diet, which provides essential nutrients and the right amount of energy from every food type.

We believe that all food types can be equally part of a varied and balanced diet, without drastically restricting certain foods, or condemning individual ingredients or specific nutrients.
The body of scientific evidence on food and nutrition is wide and keeps growing. In light of this, the role of our “Great Brands” in daily nutrition is in line with the basic guidelines of modern nutritional science:
  • a varied and balanced diet provides all necessary nutrients;
  • a healthy diet is based on the inclusion of all food types when consumed in proper amounts;
  • a daily and moderate physical activity ensures a healthy lifestyle, while a sedentary lifestyle is a predisposing factor for becoming overweight and obese.


In line with these principles, we have developed our strategy based on:

1. the careful selection of high-quality raw materials that provide essential energy and micronutrients: the physiological role of these ingredients’ natural components is preserved by peculiar strategic industrial processes, preserving their quantity and importance;

2. the promotion of foods that can be integrated into food education programs for both consumers and the medical-scientific community;

3. suitable serving sizes of our products that can help consumers better manage their daily energy needs within their overall diet;

4. the development of an educational program dedicated to promoting active lifestyles.