The Group Quality Department supervises the entire value chain


Our policy is to reach the highest level of quality, as perceived by consumers. Our business model ensures organoleptic excellence during consumption, maximum product freshness throughout the supply chain, and manufacturing and product and packaging design that complies with leading environmental standards.

Our Quality System guarantees a global presence through our Group Quality Department, which supervises the entire value chain and works with local quality departments – from raw materials through to market.


To measure perceived quality at point-of-sale, we have identified a “general list of flaws”, based
on perceived quality controls, against which all of finished products on the market are checked.

During FY 2016/2017, over one million quality controls were carried out at selected points-of-sale worldwide, to test finished products for freshness levels. During the checks, temperature data was collected and in almost 400,000 of them, specific quality and consumer tests were carried out to verify the exact conditions to which products on the shelves were exposed.
In order to ensure that products comply with our high taste standards, in addition to the usual laboratory tests, a sensory evaluation is also carried out.
This “taste test” judges all aspects a product’s taste as well as its aesthetic appearance and presentation.

Tasting and sensory evaluation activities include
• raw material taste tests, during the delivery phase;
• taste tests of semi-finished and finished products from the production line, during the production phase;
• management taste tests, carried out by managers of production units;
• “spider web” tests, carried out at the centralized product Observatory by a panel of selected tasters